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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

CardMaker Magazine Blog "Summer Dreams" Blog Hop

I fondly remember...
one of my favorite sounds on a hot summer day as a child. It was the twinkly music that the little white ice cream truck made as it slowly approached our neighborhood. It seemed like I could here it from miles away!
My family struggled at times when I was young. Looking back, it was really a good thing. It taught me to enjoy the simple things in life and to be thankful for everything I have, no matter how small. There were many days when I would hear the sweet sound of the truck coming towards my little brothers and I, but we didn't have quarters to buy a treat. We would still set out on the front porch and watch the neighborhood kids run behind the truck until there were enough to make stopping worth the driver's time. (Our ice cream guy was nice but he sure was a tease.) As kids we couldn't help but be jealous of those who got treats when we didn't, but I still enjoyed watching the joy such a simple little luxury gave my friends.
The days we did have shinny quarters in our grubby little hands were so special! We would play outside for hours before the truck was due to drive by so there wasn't the slightest chance we would miss it!.  Then when he did finally turn the corner, we would wait until he made it past us, just so we could chase behind him for awhile. :) This makes me giggle to this day thinking about it. Why weren't we just standing at the curb ready and waiting for him to arrive?  Kids!  :)
I also remember each time, standing at the truck and studying the treats that were available. The driver would cut the front cover off of all of the boxes of treats he had on hand that day, and tape them to the side of the truck. I was always excited when Bomb Pops were on the line-up!

Well, enough reminiscing about long gone childhood days!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the CardMaker magazine blog's "Summer Dreams" blog hop!
If you just happened on to my blog, you will want to head over to the CardMaker magazine blog where it all starts, and check out Brooke's card.

We were asked to create a ice cream treat reminiscent of an ice cream truck. Well..I just went full out and created the truck! Actually my dear friend Lisa Lara drew it. I just had fun coloring and embellishing it. :)

The digi stamp set is called "Scoops" and it is available for instant download from Clear Dollar Stamps for just $3.00!
This is what the entire set looks like.

Here are the very simple instructions for making the card, in case you would like to give it a go.
Wouldn't it make a great party invitation?  :)

1. Place ice cream truck digi towards the bottom of the page, and place sentiment digi before printing on Brilliant White cardstock.
2. Score at top of truck and fold.
3. Cut the sides and bottom of the truck out (double thickness) to form top-fold card.
4. Print additional ice cream scoop onto  Very Berry Two Scoops, and cone onto designer paper, then cut out.
5. Color shadows on truck and around ice cream cone  with grays, shadow ice cream and cone, and color tires.
6. Add silver gel pen lines.
7. With an old brush, paint in some Designer Dries Clear adhesive on the window, and rub in some Winter White ultra-fine glitter.
8. Add  Diamond Glaze to give the tires some shine.
9. Attach designer paper cone and ice cream.

"Scoops" digi stamp by my friend Lisa Lara for Clear Dollar Stamps.
Discount Card Stock - Brilliant White Two Scoops Very Berry
Art Glitter - Designer Dries Clear adhesive and Winter White Glitter
Copic markers #'s 0, C1, C5, C7, 100, RV29
7 Gypsies "Postal" designer paper (for cone)
Silver gel pen
Diamond Glaze

Thanks so much for dropping by!
My wish for you today is for you to find joy in the little things and that you take a minute to be thankful for them. :)

I would love it if you left a comment. Perhaps you have a quick ice cream truck memory you would like to share. ;)

Now...off you go to visit the rest of the girls. I am sure they have some sweet treats in store for you!


Brooke said...

Cute, cute, cute! :)

Carolyn King said...

haha! gmta! love it!

Lisa Lara said...

This turned out brilliantly True. So happy you used my digi in Trudy style! Loved hearing your story. I have similar memories. Hug!

Michelle Woerner said...

LOVE this and thanks for the step by step. I have never bought digis before (gasp) and you explained it perfectly! Hugs to you!

anya said...

What a fun shaped card, True! You're right, this would make a great party invitation!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute card, loved your story also, I sat on the porch with my 4 brothers too. Thank you for sharing your card and story.

Melanie said...

Super cute, Trudy!

Sherry Butcher said...

Thanks for sharing this great project.

Colleen Schaan said...

I love that you made a whole set around this idea... and how cute is it??? Adorable!!!

Love your card.

tisanjosh said...

The term luxury makes us confuse and we assume it as expensive. Your post is an excellent example of a luxury but not expensive packaging. I loved it.