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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poor Girl's Ribbon Organizer :)

Hello All!
I have spent a lot of my day trying to get my craft room organized again. I thought I would show you what I did with my loose ribbon. I literally have hundreds of rolls of ribbon that are organized in a different manor but since I joined Really Reasonable Ribbon's design team, I have lots and lots of yardage pieces. Now I do have one of those plastic boxes with all of the holes that you pop the ends of ribbon through, but I keep getting it tangled when I pull ribbon through.
My solution was to sort by color and or style and attach like ribbons together by running a large safty pin through the ends, attaching a tag reminding me what company they came from, then closing the pins around a tiny tension rod.
Now I can see all of my ribbons at a glance.
I will cut the ribbon off as I need it but will always save a small piece on the safety pin so I know what I need to re-order. Is that smart or what?? :)
I did mine in one yard lengths and if the ribbon was longer, I just looped it back up through the pin to keep from cutting it into pieces.

Don't have enough ribbons to do this? I know a GREAT place to go shop for some!
Check out Really Reasonable Ribbon's awesome selections!

Hope you liked my little tip!
If so...please give me a "HOLLA"!
True :D


Gail's Card Cafe' said...

what a fantastic idea!

Kreativmonster said...

Very clever idea! I am a ribbon-addict, too, but I would not have the space in my crafting room to hang them up like you. I keep them in small plasticbags - sorted by colour - in a drawer.

Leah the Orange said...

you little smarty-pants, True! i love the idea! i made myself one of those holy things, too, but i'm with you on the tangling, and it drives me batty! thanks for the suggestion! when i have space to hang my ribbons up, this will be fabulous!

theCook said...

Very nice organisation! You'd still need enough space to put the ribbons, but why not make it a cupboard "door"? Well, I don't have enough ribbons to need that kind of organisation for now, but one never knows!

Calandra said...

What a great idea True! Might have to do that with my ribbon mess in my craft room.

Bonnie - Really Reasonable Ribbon said...

You did a great job organizing your ribbon True. It's also nice to have it out so you can look at it. It looks pretty that way. :o)

Tracy said...

A really great idea, will bear it in mind.
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Andrea said...

What a fabulous idea! My dream is to have a craft room where I can see all my stuff without having to pull boxes out of cupboards, or downstairs from the bedroom LOL!
Love, Andrea xx

MoMo sprnany said...

Brilliant idea...can't wait to try this in my newly finished scrap-a-ganza place!

Ms. Jen said...

Thanks True! I have to say that idea is the best that I've seen yet. It will work perfectly for me. And I just got my first order from RRR and was so excited!!

Theresa said...

Great storage for ribbon tip! TFS

~jan said...

What a simply terrific idea! :)

Cat Spicer a.k.a. Spicey Cat Chick said...

WAHOO! What a great idea and it makes for fabulous eye candy while you are crafting! I'd try the same, but my 6 furry kitty helpers would think they were hanging up for them to play with. I can't even tie a bow on a card when one of them are nearby as they tend to 'pounce'.

Rhonda Miller said...

What a great idea, I love that you can see it all and it's also so easy to get to. TFS.

Marlene said...

I really need to organize some of my ribbon, too. They've outgrown my jars.

Janine said...

Great idea - I know what you mean about the tangled ribbon!

GrammaR said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing it.

Joan V said...

Wow, Trudy, thanks for the great idea. I have been trying to organize my ribbon and thought about using a tie rack that my husband discarded. Hmmm. I wonder if I can use the pin idea with the tie rack . Thanks for posting.