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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Wedding Is Over....Craft Studio, HERE I COME!!!!! ;)

Hi Everyone!
The wedding is over. It was beautiful! I will show some more pictures as I get them. Here are a few that I can show you now.
This is Mr and Mrs. Kurt Sjolander as they were walking out of the church.

Here they are getting into the limo to be driven to the Country Club for the reception.

Here is one Kurt and I. He came down with a stomach bug 2 days before the wedding, but was a trooper and carried on. I think he is very handsome...even when he's feeling punny.  :)

I have not had many opportunities to get into my craft studio to do anything other then wedding stuff for the last several weeks. I loved helping with the wedding, and visiting with all of our friends and family, but it is nice that I can get back to my regular routine in a day or two. I have been neglecting my blog and feel like I am slacking with my design teams. 
I do have a house to get back in order, some tuxes to return, some decorations to deal with plus all of the keepsake stuff to pack up for the kids but after that...inky fingers, HERE I COME!!!!  :)

Thanks for dropping by!

True :D


Maryann said...

Such awesome pictures and what a lovely couple they are. You can sure be proud of your son as he´s looking just like his mum ha ha ha, but I agree, he´s a very handsome young man. We hadd our own wedding this saturday too, so I know exactly how you feel today LOL. Take a couple of days to get back to normal and don´t feel bad about it either, cause I know, you´ll need it now it´s al over. Thanks sooo much for sharing the wonderful photos here.

Rhonda Miller said...

What great pictures. They look happy. Congrats.

Zulma said...

Those pics are beautiful True! they looks happy. Now get relax for a while, take care.

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
amazing photo's hunni
there such a cute couple
congrats to the newely weds
and to you and the rest of the familie and friends
so take it easy sweetie
for you it was also a bizzy day
hugs angelique

Angi @ CokiePop said...

What a beautiful couple Tru! Looks like it was fun & festive. I know you are ready to get back to your crafting. :)

Cassie said...

Awesome pics, True, and CONGRATS :D

Dee in N.H. said...

Sweet pictures! Congrats to all!

Suzi said...

Fabulous pictures True, you now have a beautiful Daughter as well as a very handsome Son, boy is he so like you. So many similar features, so happy that you had a great time. Look forward to seeing all your new wonderful creation soon.
Suzi x

Mahrian said...

Hi dear! Congratulations to the children! May Kind Gos bless them so and so much with the graces they will most need to form a Happy family and to have beautiful and great children! You have all the reasons to be happy! God bless you all, my dear! :D

Anonymous said...

Aww! Love these pics, darlin'! Looks like everything turned out ok...mon cheri, he was so bold to try all that after his sickness. Should not happen to such a wonderful guy! They make an awesome couple!
Congrats to them {and you!}!

Anita said...

Stunning photos! Glad all went well! I hope all goes quickly so you can get inky again.

Sheila said...

Congrats to the beautiful couple - they look so happy. So lucky to have such a talented mom to help with all the beautiful craftiness.

thekolbes said...

Gorgeous couple, poor lil guy getting sick. Hope he is feeling better and congrats

Shelly Schmidt said...

Wow- how awesome- Congrats to the newlyweds- and how fun for you to be able to Craft for the wedding! Handsome couple!

Joan V said...

Congrats to the happy couple and to you for gaining a daughter-in-law.

orit said...

Congrats for the new couple and whole the family .

Karen McAlpine said...

Lovely photos. The poor dear-sick on his wedding day. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Julie said...

Fab wedding pics, True - just can't believe that you have son old enough to get married - you're looking good!!!! Juliexx

Peggysuez said...

What a fun set of pictures, we just had a daughter get married this June too, the month for weddings!