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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some more doodles - My Original Artwork

Hello all!
I had so many sweet comments on my cupcake doodle that I thought I would show you a few more.
I always seem to doodle when I am doing something else. LOL!
Today I was setting on hole #8 at a charity golf game taking money for shortened drives. There was quite a bit of down time between groups of golfers and I brought along my sketch pad.
I usually start out drawing the head of my critters and the face is last. For whatever reason, today I did the face first. I kept looking at it trying to figure out if it would make a cutter bear or dog and couldn't make up my mind so I did both!
Same exact face but different heads.
Now, you have to picture complete signs. They will be when I turn them into digis.

Which one do you like best? ;)

This one I did on my lunch break at work yesterday. I was a little surprised that it turned out like it did since I did it from memory. No poinsettias available to look at. Of course, this one will look a lot better in color when you can see what is green and what is red or rose.

This one I did in a class. Yes...I was paying attention. I concentrate better when I am not just starring at the speaker for hours. I started with just the apple....got board....picked up the pencil again and did the pear. Got board again and added the grapes. Before long, there was a table and pitcher. Had the class been a little longer, I might have done a whole room! LOL!

If you click on the picture to enlarge, you can see that I did it on the back of a class hand out. There is print bleading through up by the pitcher. Oooops! ;)

Anyhow, thanks for stopping by to see my original artwork. I hope I am not boring you with my doodles!



Cassie said...

Wow, True, you're an amazing artist. What an amazing gift! I LOVE that dog doodle ;D

Lilacanglia said...

They are all absolutely awesome,
Do love that dog a tiddly bit more than the others,

Michelle said...

Gorgeous drawings. I think bothanimals are very cute , but like the dog a little bit more. Thanks for sharing your talent!

Vicki said...

Wow your sketches are absolutely amazing!

Wilma said...

your sketches are just so fantastic - must be wonderful to draw like that. btw i like the dog best.........no the bear......no the dog ........no...oh whats the heck they are both superb!!:)x

Leslie said...

Your doodles are awesome! Can't wait to see them in color!

Splendid Things said...

my goodness! they are fantastic! i love the dog so much! you are really, really talented!

Lovely Linda said...

Hi True - I have to say - I love them all...the bear is adorable, the dog divine, the flower stunning...and the list goes on - do them all! Thanks for sharing!! God bless you!

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

WoW!!! They're all fantastic!! ♥

craft_princess said...

You are very very talented!! You asked between the dog and bear...I think I like the bear best...although they are both sooo adorable!!

I also was wanting to know if you could give me some feedback. When you were having some embossing folder candy you said you can use a rolling pin....I have tried and failed at that....any tips and suggestions???

Here is my blog and if you could reply that would be fantastic!! Thanks!!

Shelly Schmidt said...

I think your doodling is amazing! I think the dog and the bear are both adorable, and would only pick one over the other cause I think it would get more use....... The poinsettia is absolutely gorgeous, the pitcher and fruit as well. Wow! I will be back for more eye candy- what are you doing with these doodles? Making stamps?

Lisa Lara said...

Wow Trudy-True, amazing sketching. Wow wow wow!

Lisa Foster said...

I'm at a loss for words...you just blow me away~ I really love all of your beautiful work!