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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tutorial For Using Your Own Drawing For 3D'ing - My Original Artwork

My name it Trudy - AKA True :)
I created this tutorial for the
Cuttlebug Challenge Blog.
Hope you like it!

Sometimes we just have to doodle!
Have you ever wanted to turn that doodle into a 3D image for a card? It is a little tough redrawing all of the layers right?
You don't have to be a computer or graphics whiz to be able to do this a little easier!
The "Cat and Pumpkins" card above is one of my sketches. I will walk you through a few steps that you can follow to be able to turn your own design into a "digital" image of sorts. You don't even need special programs or digital drawing pads!

First, sketch your image in pencil.

You will want the final lines to be fairly dark.
Then scan your image and save it to your desktop or special folder. Now open up MS Word or any "Paint" or "Photo" type program. I used Word here because most of us have it.
Insert your picture into the document.
Re-size it to the size you want to use on your project.
Copy and paste as many images as you would like to "pop" for that 3D look we all love. The card shown here has 4 layers.
Print it out on heavy white cardstock. (If you might want to use this image again, make sure and save your document and next time all you will have to do is print!)
Color your images. If you are still coloring all of your "popped" layers...STOP! It saves a lot of time if you just paint what shows on each later and it also helps your adhesives stick better. Refer to the picture below to see what I mean.
You can outline the image if you want the "stamped" look. I did the cat but left the pumpkins without outlines so you can see the difference it makes.

Cut your main image out however you would like. I used a Nestabilities die for mine.
Then cut out all of your pieces that will be popped.
Use dimensional tape or dots to adhere them together.

Add sparkle and shine if you would like, attach it to your card, and voila...a card with your own artwork on it!

I hope you will all try this out to see how amazing YOUR inner artist can be. I would love to see what you come up with!
If you create something with this technique, please come back to this tutorial post and attach a link to your project on your blog so I can come visit you!

If you found it useful, please leave a comment below so I will know to do more tutorials! ;)


Anonymous said...

Thanks fo the tutorial. I wish I had the talent to draw. But I sure will try this.

ML Design Works said...

Excellent, Trudy! Thank you so much! Lisa

Lisa Lara said...

Wow! True,I am so excited to see your future digi stamps etc you create. This one is fab. I love the tutorial. Thank you. I love to doodle.

Cat said...

Just gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial! You are so talented!

Dragonlady said...

Thanks for this tutorial you make it sound so simple but you need to be able to draw in the first place!!

Ali x

Beth said...

Fab tutorial True thanks for sharing your talent with us how easy you make it look.

the funkie junkie said...

Awesome tutorial, True. I can't even draw a straight line - LOL. So I will probably never need to use this technique, but still inquiring minds like to know how things are done! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Kim Teasdale said...

Excellent tutorial! Love your art and your colouring is fabulous too! Thanks for sharing :) :) :)

Penny D. said...

This is how I do it! I outline with black marker before scanning though. Awesome tutorial!

Caterina said...

I tried to realize a 3d something. I had very little time so I've used stamps. I'll try again with a drawing and more time. Here my experiment


Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this tutorial. I am relatively new at cardmaking, but I've been an "artsy" woman all my life. I paint, sew, draw, write, love working with paper, and so many more mediums. I will try my hand at this--I want to apply it in a slightly different way. I plan to do a pen and ink drawing of my grandchildren using a photo as my guide and make my own whimsical "digi stamp" I can use on cards for them. I'm looking forward to trying this--it's just something I've had in the back of my mind for some time now. Thanks again! You are so inspiring! I love your blog, too! :o) chloebernice at gmail dot com