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Monday, March 7, 2011

"Poor Girls" Ribbon Organization ~ RRR Organization Week!

Hi Everyone!
It is "Organization Week" over @ Really Reasonable Ribbon's Ramblings, and each of the design team are sharing how they keep their ribbons organized. Today is my turn and I showed my "Poor Girl's" organization there but I have other ways of storage that I would like to show here too.

For my "Poor Girl's" method, I used to use a cafe rod to slide my spools of ribbon on and it worked great until I started on the Really Reasonable Ribbon design team and my ribbon "hording" got worse/better, depending on if it's hubby's view or mine. LOL!
Those little cardboard rolls take up a lot more room then you think!
I now have 2 cafe rods full of ribbon. I am only showing the one with the RRR ribbons though since they are the prettier ones! ;)

I have the rods between my fabric cabinet and a door jam and it is held up with tension...no nails or screws. :)
Since the door is almost always open, the ribbons are behind it and protected from light.

I string yard long lengths (I loop longer pieces as needed) on to large safety pins, by color and hue then run it through a key ring and slide them on the rod. It is very easy to see everything I have at one glance! :)

Melissa from Ribbon Rings sent the design team a starter set of her product and I just LOVE it! I chose to put my RRR lace on it. This way the threads won't get stretched like they do with my pin and rod method.
 It also looks very pretty hanging from my fabric cabinet knob!
She also is going to give one of my lucky followers their very own Ribbon Ring starter set! All you have to do for a chance is comment on this post. The winner will be picked on March 17th.

Lou Ann from Creative Touch, the US rep. for BEST Craft Organizer, sent us all a Ribbon Spooler and I LOVE it too!
I use mine to keep my latest RRR ribbons of the month close at hand. It fits perfectly into the craft drawer tower that is at my work table.

You can win the Ribbon Ring, The Ribbon Spooler or a Clip It Up organizer by heading over to the Really Reasonable Ribbon organization week posts and following the rules which are to become a follower and/or help us spread the word plus leave comments. Super easy!

You will also want to check back @ RRRR daily until we are through on 3/16. The other DT girls will be showing how they keep their ribbons organized. 

OK......I hesitated to share my dirty little secret, but here goes.....
Once I joined the RRR design team, I pretty much quit using other company's ribbons all together. Who needs the others when you can have all of the beautiful Really Reasonable Ribbon you could use? :)
 I took the "off brands" down and thew them in two full sized milk crates which I hide in the closet. I had planned on using this week to get them all organized but instead, unexpectedly spent the week at the hospital with my sweet hubby. Sooooooo......here is the rest of my ribbons all pulled out of the closet for the world to see!

I need to order some more Ribbon Rings and Ribbon Spoolers so I can store them away nicely!
I will get them organized soon! PROMISE!  ;)

I would love to hear how you keep your ribbon organized! :)
Don't forget to comment here for your chance at the Ribbon Ring that will be given away from my blog. :)

BTW...If you would like lots of pretty new ribbons to play with, and you love to create and share your work. Please consider applying for the current RRR design team call that is going on now!
CLICK HERE for all of the details!



xxxtglxxx said...

Wow Trudy!

My collection looks like the bottom picture! (LOL) just all in a box. There really is so much more I could do with it it seems.

Your collection and organisation is AMAZING! Wow! Such a clever idea, so well organised and so tantalising I would be using ribbons 24/7!

Thanks so much for sharing this, I was totally blown away.



Lillian Child said...

Ribbons are one of THE hardest things for me to get organized. My ribbons look like those milk crates you have a pic of. I would SO LOVE to be the lucky winner of the ribbon ring!!

skated said...

My ribbons are all wound up and secured with elastic bands and then bunged into a net washing bag that hangs from a hook under my shelf. I thought it was a better idea than keeping them in a box BUT now the tiny rolls of ribbon all sink to the bottm and i can never seems to find the one i am after. I love your idea on the cafe rods and the ribbon storage gift you are giving away is just FAB.
I must think of some other way of storing mine

Kate xxx

Clare *Littlebear* said...

I've just started organising my ribbons by winding them round bits of card and securing them with pins (which I worry will ruin the ribbon). Now I have seen your storage solutions I think I will have to start again, I didn't realise there were such clever products available. Thank you for the chance to win.
Clare x

Maryann said...

Well as I see it, you have nothing to be ashamed of LOL. All my ribbons looks like yours from the closert most of the times, and no matter how often , I wind them up and sort them out, they look like this next time, I´ve been looking for some again LOL, so I really need to get my ribbons sorted somehow, that´s for sure. ha ha ha.
Thanks sooo much for showing us your great ideas, they´re very useful, and I´ve sure taken some of them into my heart here.

Janet Z said...

I would love to win the ribbon ring!

CheckerBeads said...

Wow, so pretty! I don't have as much ribbon, so I have it all tucked in a box. Love all the beautiful colors you display!


Donna said...

Oh my! I have never seen so much ribbon! I have some that needs to be organized, but not nearly as much as you have! :-)

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

mine are wrapped around heavy cardboard and stored in photo boxes. You have to scroll down a ways, but you can see it here

Linda said...

You have some really beautiful ribbons in your collection. I love the colorful display on the tension rod.
I have a huge collection of ribbons too and have most of them stored on cardboard and foam cards.

Dawnll said...

Now I feel better! The bins are what I expect from a ribbon hoarder!LOL
I know mine are all over- love seeing a view into your room.
Thanks for sharing sweetie

Tanya said...

Mine looks like the bottom pics. My husband said he is gonna make me something to organize them better but its been like 2 years! Ha!

Thanks for sharing!
phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

Pattie said...

Hi True- I keep my ribbon spools in long narrow plastic bins inside the drawers of my cubes in my stamp room! Thanks for a chance to win!

Daniele said...

wow I'm impressed they look so yummy hanging their in all the different colours, thanks for a peek

Stephanie said...

I store my ribbon in jetmax cube drawers. I have to have it completely enclosed to keep our kitties from playing with it. I love your hanging storage. It looks so pretty!

Tricia said...

What a great idea. I now am using the crate method and will have to get a rod and some rings! Thanks for sharing.

Shauna K said...

I totally love your ribbon rod! I use a kinda similar method- my wheels o ribbon {below}- hehe. I love having them all out to see at once, and they take up less room than keeping them all on their spools!


Cassie_lu said...

what a great idea on storing those ribbons. I am currently trying to find something that will work for me. I really like the look of the hanging ribbons b/c then you can see exactly what you have.

Candy said...

Hi True,
I left a comment on your fabulous cafe curtain idea on the RRRR Blog. As I said there, my DH would LOVE it as there would be no holes in the walls LOL Plus it is so pretty and inexpensive. I also am interested in the ribbon ring both you and Jacque have shown us. Another method of no holes in the walls and pretty to look at. I have to say I don't have 1/4 the ribbons you and Jacque do, but like your old method, they are in a basket in the closet and I have to go through the whole thing to find something. Also there is no way of seeing what I have :o(
Hugs, and many thanks for showing your storage idea.

Karen said...

My ribbons are currently on those little embroiderly floss type holders and then put into a storage container...sounds like a good idea, but there are so many shoved into the two boxes I have, that when I look for a ribbon to use, I end up having to move too much around to find what I want. And, I never seem to get that little holder back in the container when I'm done with the ribbon. :-( So, I think hanging the ribbons to see what you got is a great idea!

Lisa Whittemore said...

Mine are all on the rolls and then mostly stored in plastic totes. Lots of plastic totes. I have the MM wall organizer too with two dowels of ribbon. Oh yeah and a tilt out bin for a workshop full too. I have a problem. :( But I love it.
Lisa W

Sonia said...

I love the cafe rod idea. I am trying to decide which suggestion will work best for me. This one may have junped to the top of the list. Thanks for sharing!

Gloria Westerman said...

So sorry to hear about your DH...hope everything find now....
I can help you out with the old ribbons....just send them to me.....lol
I think the ribbon ring is much better ....love this idea too....thank you for sharing these awesome idea and awesome products....

Denny said...

Prayers said for your hubby. I hope he is doing better now. My ribbons are all on their original spools in a big see through storage crate. I love the cafe rod idea! Job well done.

Dawn, RI said...

I really need to organize my ribbon. Its all in a bag, the shame is I then forget to use it.
But where do I begin??? Dawn RI

Bev said...

WOW. It looks like a Rainbow Wall especially since your Ribbons hang near your Fabrics. Unfortunately My poor Ribbons are stored like the ones in your Crates and I know I have to sort them but it seems such a big job, I keep putting it off. I also know the Iron will have to come out and I hate Ironing. I love the Idea of the Ribbon Ring and would love to have all my pretty Ribbons on Display. Many Thanks for the chance to win.
Kind Regard,
Bev. L.......

Karen said...

My ribbon is all in a box, I have no organization at all!!! I would love to win so I could fix them up! Thanks for a great giveaway!
Happy Crafting!!
Karen dkolopez@msn.com

Kim said...

Okay I really like the rod and safety pin idea. Cheap and you can see all your ribbon. I have quite a bit and it would be nice to see it all in one place. lol Thanks for the idea, would really like to win the ribbon ring!

La Vikinga said...

Good ideas, all of them! I should probably get rid of the husband and get a bigger apartment so that I can sleep in the sofa and have a bedroom as a craftroom!!! i wish... Only I don't want to get rid of him so meanwhile I keep my ribbons in boxes under the clothes in the wardrobe..

Charlotta / La Vikinga
- likes others craftrooms very much!!

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

WOW! Look at all that ribbon! Wish hubby could see it then he won't think I'm so crazy! LOL!

Anita said...

I love how you store your ribbon and makes my ribbon pile look tiny. LOL! What great ways to store ribbon.

Theresa said...

I have got so many great ideas from you. Am ready to redo my storage and buy more ribbon. Hope to win one of your great prizes to make my storage better. Hugs!!!

Lisa aka Myran said...

isn't ribbons so pretty to look at?! you kinda don't want to hide them :) tfs!

Diane said...

so my ribbon organization isn't
I love your ideas and keep looking at the Ribbon Ring..............
Thanks for sharing

Donalda said...

Now girl you sure have it going on with that gorgeous ribbon. I so love the ribbon ring that is for sure. I know it would take up less space that is for sure. Hugs

Bev Gerard said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps! Is it too late???
I have waaaaaaaaay too much ribbon ... but isn't that expected from us papercrafters?? Anyway, my shorter lengths sneak out of drawer fronts and all sorts of tucked-in places ... and I have long-wished-for the spooling system for those very items! Ohhhhhh, please come to Texas, my darlin' little tool/system! You will be loved & adored right here, I promise!!

sgrcookie said...

I love the tension rod idea and so inexpensive! That is usually the problem with storage systems, they cost so much money!! I have my ribbons tied around D-rings and hanging on my wall, but I like your safety pin idea much better!

Yogi said...

love that colorful array of ribbons behind your door. That would put a smile on my face every time I saw it.

The ribbon spoolers look like neat gadgets.

Those poor ribbons in the baskets. They must feel soooo neglected.

BunnyFreak said...

I have my spooled ribbons in a ribbon organizer (forget the company). My smaller ribbons and not so organized. I do have a small drawer set aside for ribbon scraps though.

Sandra Stephens said...

Some great ideas...thank you.
My ribbons are held together with mini clothes pegs at the moment in shoe boxes...but when my husband returns from a trip to the UK I have a few little projects for him!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought I had a lot of ribbon until I saw this post, lol!! My husband made me spool storers which work like the kitchen roll holders that most of us have on our kitchen counter top. I have six of them but they're already full! I blogged about them ages ago, the post is here if you're interested!