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Thursday, March 24, 2011

OK...Here is Proof That I'm Human! LOL!

Hi everyone!
I have a correction.
The cards I posted yesterday for the Inky Antics "HoneyPOP" blog hop were not right. ;)
This was the first time I used HoneyPOP and though it's very fun and easy to use, I didn't pay attention to which way I stamped the images to cut out from the honeycomb paper. There are only 2 ways to do it and of course...as my luck goes...I did it wrong. Here I am, trying to feature this fun new product and stamp sets, and I goofed! ;)
I thought the cards looked good yesterday, but when a friend (Thanks Jackie) told me that I had cut them wrong, I went looking at everyone else's and saw the difference. So...this morning I pulled it out and fixed them. 
They look so much better now that I wanted to show you how they are supposed to look.
Scroll down to yesterday's post to see the before and the fronts. ;)

BTW...The blog hop is still open until Sunday March 27th so check out all the details on yesterday's post below. You could win one of 3 amazing prizes.

Has anyone else done anything like this or am I the only dork?  ;)
I would love it if you left a comment or tell me about your crafty "ooops" moment.  ;)

Big hugs,
True :D


theCook said...

It does look better now, although I wouldn't have imagined something was wrong on the "goofed" cards...

~Michelle~ said...

oh, thanks for the giggle! I didn't notice...but it's fun to see how they look when they are cut the *other* way too! :)

CheckerBeads said...

I still thought they looked cool! And how would the recipient know?


Sandy said...

I like to see honeycomb paper coming back again

xxxtglxxx said...

I wouldnt have known unless you told me - honest! :)

but they do look really great.



iluvmybugs said...

They look great both ways True!

Nati Tristan said...

People make mistakes :o) But i like them either way! wonderful job!

Juls said...

these are fab!!! such fun cards!! Hugs juls

Lillian Child said...

It looks so much better!

Chrissy said...

I would'nt have known eithere, your work is always gorgeous. I made a goof yesterday, already to post my card and I could not open it. I thought I had glued it together some how, but NO, I had glued everything on it upside down...awesome

Dawnll said...

I would have never known the difference really I wouldn't.
There isn't enough room on your blog for all my blunders.
I do have a favorite.
I showed a scrap page I was so proud of...received lots of wonderful comments on how beautiful...then I get a call from my daughter who was on the layout page.
I had mis-spelled her name!
She said she seen the post on Face book and wondered why her mom didn't know how to spell her name.
Yes we are all human

Marlene said...

Oh my gosh, I have NEVER seen a honeycomb card before....this ROCKS!!! you are the queen of craftiness!

Pssst....there is a giveaway of two, 'signed by the author' kids' books on my blog, if you're interested.

Jan Castle said...

Hey there True...I liked both day's sets!!! LOL! Very cute stuff!!!

Jan Castle said...

Hey there True...I liked both day's sets!!! LOL! Very cute stuff!!!

Cecelia said...

Super, super cute cards! Love them both!

Hugs xx
Cecelia B

Jovita said...

Oh Trudy... I thought they looked fabulous ;) But I do admit I like the egg this way. Hugs, Jovi

Barb said...

Love the cards both ways. Thanks for sharing the 2 versions...the photos really will help me in my crafting.