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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hubby says I'm a HORDER! What do you think?

Hi Everyone!
Sorry but I don't have a card to share with you today. I've been very busy creating for releases and special projects that can't be shown yet. ;)
I did want to show you this fabulous piece of corrugated paper that came as some packaging in a fire pit bowl we bought the other day. I helped hubby assemble the pit and when we went to throw the box and trash away, I pulled this out of the pile and set it aside. Hubby thought I just didn't get it put with the trash so he picked it up and put it back in the pile. I got it back out, he gave me a funny look, and called me a hoarder! Humph!
Please tell me that I'm not the only crafter who would have saved this....PLEASE! :)

It is very soft and pliable. about a 30" square, nice and thin.  I can tell that it is made form recycled paper because of all of the mottled looking splotches in the fibers.

I have cut it into manageable sized pieces for storage and plan to use it for masculine cards and grunge items.

Am I a total loon or would you have saved it too?  :)
BTW...in the interest of full disclosure, I should probably show you what I saved a few weeks ago.

There was a cicada killer that kept killing cicadas and bringing them to our deck. I took the wings off of them, coated them several times with Ranger Ink's Glossy Accents and let them dry on waxed paper, to strengthen them and make them "clean".
Don't you think that they would be awesome for dragonfly or pixie projects? :)

I would love to know what the oddest thing you have "hoarded" for crafting is.  

True :D


Regina aka Mrs. Ham said...

If that's hoarding, I guess I'm a hoarder also. The oddest thing I kept was some window screen material from one of my DH jobs, and I have used it....

Maryann said...

I can asure you, that I would definately have saved it too, that´s for sure. I´m also a hoarder then, cause I often save and use the most weird things too, and even hubby has begun to bring me all kind of things asking, if I can´t use this ir that as well ha ha ha. Just today he brought me some rings of foam, with a diameter of about 4 to 5 cm, which he had just peeled of some tubes of insulationsfoam, he was using outside, and they were just perfect to color witrh some ink and use on cards as wel, so if you just use your imagination, anything can be used, and why not use all these things, instead of just throwing them out, and next spend loads of money on buying other things?? I also really loves the wings, you´ve gathered, and I could think of several ways, they can be used.
Have a great week-end ahead and lots of fun.

Julie M said...

I saved the corrigated card from a chimenea garden stove we bought last year - must be from the same manufacturer as it looks identical to yours, True!!! However, I think you've moved a step past me with the cicada wings - I would have to run screaming from those!!!

Julie :o)

THERESA said...

Girl, you are a true( no pun intended,lol) crafter!!!! We all hoard, would have jumped for that corrugated wrapping, gorjuss!!
Now those wings are so special, would look stunning on a card, wtg!!!
I must admit i hoard ANYTHING i can lay my hands on, have stopped at a site once, saw their garbage and asked if i could get some, did get some very weird looks, arghhhhh what do they know, right....lol
lotsa luv

Pat Winter said...

My husband was bringing me the wings from work,LOL. He works at a golf course and last year I collected quite a few!

Rhonda Miller said...

I am so with you. I'm always looking at things and trying to see if it would be craft worthy or could be used for anything else. Those wings are great. TFS.

Auntie Em said...

As long as you aren't up as a possible subject for the Hoarder Show, you just save away dear! :D
The cardboard would have been difficult to throw away but I think the wings might be a little too delicate for me to save. Love how you used the glossy accents for them though. Bet Ranger and TH haven't thought of that one yet! Hahaha!!!
Thanks for sharing! :)

Jenny J said...

All scrappers are hoarders, big or small. I once dug out 2 huuuge rolls of craftpaper from a dumpster in a snowstorm. I was a verry lucky girl :-)
See for yourself. (http://www.jennysscrapbooking.se/2010/12/14/containerfyndat-papper/)
Hugs Jenny

Joan V said...

Loved this story, as I am sure so many of us crafters have found ourselves in your shoes once. I hope you show your hubby the responses.
I have saved (or horded) so many things. Plastic lids, egg cartons, crystal light containers,and any kind of cardboard that can be reused.
Love that corrugated cardboard that you rescued. Hehehehe.
Have a great day.

CheckerBeads said...

I would have saved the paper, but bug parts?? EWWW! I wouldn't be able to touch those!! :)

Can't wait to see what you make with your hoardings!


Dee in N.H. said...

That is one awesome looking piece of cardboard! I would definitely have saved it too!

Anita said...

Ok, I can't thing of anything odder than the wings but that is a cool idea. I do save packing to use as acetate.

Rufus said...

yup, I'd have jumped all over it, and have! Brilliant idea to use the glossy accents on the wings! Can't wait to see 'em in "action".

Barbara said...

Love the cardboard, I would have grabbed it too. The wings are beautiful but I'm sure I wouldn't have thought of them. These would be beautiful in a framed scrap art picture. I just pulled a shiny, silver piece of cardboard that was used for packing too. Hubby actually had it in the recycling bin!!! I saved it...Hugs

Dawn Frost said...

I'm definitely a hoarder! My son works in a paint store and he brings home old wallpaper books. I've used pieces of the sample books in lots of my projects along with wrappers from my husbands cigars. True I LOVE the wings, Oh my they are gorgeous!

Kreativmonster said...

There is no possible alternative to your way of handling things - no one I can think of!

Basement Stamper said...

You are too funny, the first was good, the cicada wings...yeah, very cool but not sure I'd have hoarded those ;-)

Lenoria said...

I think your wings would be perfect on a "fairy" card or even for dragonfly cards. I would never have thought to use those or I would have been out scouring my yard! I don't save anything unusual, I don't think, but I do save the thread from the dog food bags because it makes good twine for decoration and also to tie things up with.

Lenoria said...

Just another thought - on your pink fairy card with the flowers in your gallery, don't you think one of the cicada wings would look perfect on it?

karen In Houston said...

Wow welcome to the world of scrappy hoarders....LOL No you are not a hoarder just creative, my kids accuse me of being a hoarder and my little granddaughters are always bringing me things for scrapping...LOL
I love the cardboard and I have lots I have saved too, I love those wings but would never have thought to use those, great job there.
I save tissue boxes that are decorative, just cut out the sides I can use, I also save mint tins and have tictac boxes for glitter holds small pkgs that I got in kits. I save lots of things but hoarder no, no.....

kat said...

Yes, I'm a paper crafting hoarder and my craftroom shows it, too! I save anything & everything I think I might one day put on a card! [I have quite a bit of corrugated papers, too]

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

Oh your not a loon! I would of totally saved both of those...or maybe I am a loon too?! LOL!

I save all kinds of crazy things....I even have these pretty tampon boxes that I have used on cards! :P

Bev Gerard said...

***raises hand / guilty***
Yep ... I'd save that corrugated paper too.

And let's just say that (1) I'm so sorry the cicada killer (probably some evil wasp!) was in your neighborhood, but .... those wings are wow-worthy!


Bernie said...

Wow those wings are amazing. I saved some dragonfly wings but they fell apart, wish I’d thought to hardened them like you did :( I save everything and anything I could possibility use. I have a Possibilities Box in the craft room. My family and even my neighbors bring me things and ask if it has possibilities. Last week our trash man found some broken flip flops covered with pretty beads, after dumping our trash he put them in my trash can. This week the flip flops with go back in the trash minus the beads.
Blessings Bernie

Trina said...

Tell him it could be worse; you could be a teacher too! Love the idea of glossy accents on those wings. Fairies would look neat with them, too...

Sherry Gardner said...

Yes, I would have saved that cardboard....the cicada wings are a very interesting idea...and I think I will try it on dragonfly wings...I see them alot lately and keep fishing them out of my pool....wow have you used them on a project yet....I would love to see it...I have just found your blog...and I am having so much fun going thru all your stuff...love the cards and altered boxes....and the recipes and photos and the dog....you have a great blog and I feel like we are becoming friends already....blessings Sherry....:)